Essential BSP/ARC Data Management Solution for Airlines and Agents Worldwide

Be more organised, Predict and Make more sales

Agents have you ever wondered...

Which Airline Contracts are most profitable?

Will we hit target?

Are we close enough to hitting target that we can, with confidence, upgrade our corporate clients?

What $$ amount do we sell each year that does NOT contribute to ANY contract??


Which of my Agents cause the most ADMs?? Which Agents contribute to the most profitable contracts?


Who are your top Corporates? by Revenue and by Margin and by Department?


What NDC revenue are we producing (by type & by route)??


What Airline Campaigns / Tour Codes have been successful? What has been the Airline Campaign Halo effect?

Now you begin to understand what we can do for you...

Our software AirConnect gives you a complete data warehouse that matches the BSP / ARC exactly, with Full Reporting / Contract Analysis / Dashboard Functionality. Calculates Flown Revenue by Marketing Carrier and by Metal. Identifies Originating Agent / Corporate / Sales Office / Salesperson level Detail. Reports Contract Target Performance by each Airline. Drills down to Document (if required). NEW - Reports Global Air Business in a Common Currency

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    Our free trial offers / Free trial requirements
    • Windows PC 32 or 64bit
    • Depending on your sales volume, 10GB - 1TB free disk space
    • You will need to collect at least 3 months of HOT files from your BSP.
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Latest Version


New Features
  • Add stats code option to Incentive Deals for first and last international country code pair. This specifically helps with Qantas OCR Region Grouping.
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Our Clients love AIRConnect

Our clients trust that AirConnect works for their businesses

We deploy AIRConnect to all ticket office and sales personnel and could not manage without it.

AIRConnect lets us report Airline Contract Performance down to Sales Office and even prorates for distribution of incentive payments

We rely on AIRConnect Early Warning report each week to reduce risk

We get automatic weekly reports on every airline contract with full detail and forcasting expected performance up to 12 months ahead

Using other auditing tools we have found Commission Audits miss too many incorrect tickets but with AIRConnect they are easy to setup, fast and accurate even allowing us to decide on-screen and check 'unrelated' other tickets for the same passenger

We integrate our Ticket Office sales into AIRConnect and get full reporting, graphs and dashboards across all our markets worldwide

I can see if we will meet Target Tier level 1, 2 or 3 well ahead giving us time to adjust sales efforts and maximise incentive payments