Virtual Credit Vouchers issued by airlines for unused tickets

This is very similar to airlines issuing refunds directly. AIRConnect marks these tickets as exchanged for a credit voucher and of course these tickets get excluded from performance and contract reports and dashboards. This is common for those airline operating a travel card and new virtual cards are issued in a specific range so that we can track future sales made using these virtual credits.

Airline Direct Refunds (not through the BSP)

Some airlines are refunding passengers directly and these refunds are not processed through the BSP. We have added the functionality to import a list of tickets, supplied by the airline, so that AIRConnect marks these tickets as refunded directly and then excludes them from contract performance reports and dashboards.

Managing Tickets in credit

We have added extra fields at both Ticket-level and Itinerary-level to identify tickets held in credit and credit expiry date. The 'held in credit' flag automatically drops when a refund or exchange ticket is issued. You can also import canceled flights and report 'Flight cancelled' at itinerary-level pivot.

BSPLink changes SFTP protocols

AIRConnect is ready for the BSPLink change in SFTP protocols

Dual Inventory Fares

Dual Inventory Fares add complexity to proration.

PCIDSS Data Security Standard and GDPR

Europe Privacy regulations impact Airline databases. Credit Card numbers must be masked and underlying credit card data must be encrypted

IATA announce DISH 23

IATA have announced DISH 23 which will be introduced in 2019. Most of the work has been completed already and we are just waiting for IATA to start providing some test HOT files.