About Us


The beginning: In the early 80's …

Airlines and Travel Agents led the IT revolution with their reservation systems connecting airlines all around the globe. They had the advantage of IATA standard data formats and distribution of sales data from ARC/BSP each week matching bookings with actual revenue. This technology manages the engine room of their business. With most engine room systems, it cannot tell them everything. The standard data is simple, with values only a total for each ticket, showing sales for each issuing Agent.

But the standard data didn't help to identify flown revenue. Also, to analyze a full ticket breakdown with turnaround points, gateways etc. was simply not possible. Moreover, since values at coupon level were not available, then any hope for Airlines and Agents to make use of their data for contract performance monitoring was extremely limited.

BSPConnect's first challenge: Expand the BSP data

Take the standard HOT file input and expand it, using many MANY additional data sources. This resulted in an average HOT file being expanded from ninety fields, up to several hundred fields (now over 800). With this number of fields, there is now detail and visibility at coupon level to identify value by Marketing Carrier, Operating Carrier, Flight date, route and Originating Agent, plus more. This also meant that the large data set would feed into anything and everything reportable that BSPConnect created moving forward.

BSPConnect's Introduction of Special Features

The next step in the development would be to report flown revenue historically and forwards, accounting for Tickets issued in Exchange and both full and partial refunds, re-mapping the itinerary. With the new degree of accuracy in flown revenue it now becomes possible to provide contract performance forecasting.

In the end: BSPConnect make the Complex [data] Simple, by transforming the data into fast, accurate, usable insights.

What BSPConnect does is complex but we make it easy with automated processing and reporting and we do it so that all your data stays safely within your own IT environment, secure in your own offices.

With the level of detail now at our fingertips we give you a generic Airline Contract module that caters for all the different rules we have encountered from airlines all around the world to match to airline actual flown revenue but also to forecast ahead so you can maximize incentive payments and better negotiate each annual contract. Airline incentive payments can even be distributed by Originating Agent according to eligibility.

BSPConnect Today

BSPConnect is computer software development and support organisation, specifically established to produce Airline and Travel Agent systems that manage all aspects of BSP data and airline sales transactions.

BSPConnect has been providing software and supports clients around the globe in over 100 Airline and Agent offices in more than 70 countries.

With more than 30 years of Airline and Travel Industry experience, BSPConnect is positioned to provide the Airlines and Agents globally with a solution to its BSP, Fares distribution, Contract Management, and Sales and Marketing requirements. This product is called AIRConnect.

The experience of BSPConnect in the Airline and Travel Industry in supplying services, coupled with its proven track record of providing solutions, means that BSPConnect is well able to provide a solution that meets the your needs.


Benefits to the Airlines and Agents Worldwide in selecting the BSPConnect application AIRConnect include:

  • Reporting down to Originating Agent
  • Flown revenue. Net Fare prorated to coupon level recognising the effect of refunds and exchanges matches airline availed revenue.
  • Automatic reporting means less time generating reports and more time to analyze and consider action required
  • Access for multiple users and departments at Head Offices.
  • The ability to participate in the development of the BSPConnect application through customer mapping.
  • A cost-effective solution.
  • Working in a partnership.
  • PCIDSS and GDPR compliant.

Providing Better Tools

AIRConnect provides significant savings and the tools for Airlines and Travel Agent Groups to:

  • Better manage the data associated with their BSP
  • Maintain and distribute Fare and Net Deal information to Travel Agents.
  • Monitor performance against incentive contracts and campaigns
  • Accurately and efficiently process Refunds and Adjustments.
  • Access for multiple users and departments at Head Offices.
  • Participate in the development of the BSPConnect application to meet specific customer and market needs.
  • Maintain a cost-effective solution.
  • Benefit from frequent enhancements that keep up with your industry's changing environment.
  • Maintain an extensive, easily managed PCIDSS/GDPR compliant in-house database


Utilising BSPConnect applications, Airlines can expect:

  • Easy Data. Automated load of BSP data providing Ticket Inquiry and statistics without manual data entry.
  • Quick Market Response. Net Remit Deal management tools considerably reduce set-up- time and improve the accuracy and Agent-Agent relativity of rates and net levels.
  • Storage Savings. Availability of centralised electronic reports to authorised users, with archives of historical data (2 years or more)
  • Faster Accurate Processing. Almost total automation of Refunds, ADM/ACM adjustments and Net Reject corrections.
  • Independence. Ability to audit your BSP and run your Incentive and Net Rebate processing in- house.
  • Automatic weekly reports and emails showing the performance status and forecast of all airline contracts


  • Developers of SITA SPAN Access for Airlines
  • Developers of SITA SPAN Access for Agents.
  • Developers/Designers of modification to BSP UNIX Oracle systems for Net Remit, Agent Auto- refunds.
  • Implemented BSPConnect Intranet Server and Client, Net Remit and Variable Commission for New Zealand.
  • Developed a PALMS Net Validation for Agent Ticketing systems in Australia.
  • Enables Air New Zealand PANDA to export Net Deals into SPAN Access.
  • Enables Air New Zealand to export compressed report files from SPAN Access.
  • Validate Net Deals from SPAN Access/SPAN, PALMS/ISIS for Flight Centre chain.
  • Airline contract module incorporates rules used by over 50 airlines in many different markets