IATA introduces NDC (New Distribution Capability)

NDC is proposed as a way to add Ancilliary charges to a ticket and pass these via xml between Agents, Airlines and the BSP. The Ancilliary charges will appear as EMDs. We are hoping that the DISH 23 standard gets expanded to allow each EMD to relate directly to a ticket and coupon(s) although this is not clear at this stage. In May 2018 IATA stated: "Starting June 2018 and once deployed in respective BSPs.... we count 5 airlines in 28 BSPs processing their NDC sales." On 17 October there were 65 airlines. Click on this link for the latest: ndc-standard-presentation.pdf

NDC ENDs will be accessible to AIRConnect if either they are processed by the BSP or a separate HOT file containing NDC EMDs is imported.