Software Version Archive. Release date 3 September 2020


Version 5.04c detail


Reactivate older SMTP processing to allow emails to be sent for some clients.

Increase length of report filename mask field to cater for changes in IATA BSP report filenames.

Trap any access violation when preparing a report and getting printer settings.

Fix problem where software update by SFTP fails even though the update downloads properly.

When looking at AirConnectDataFolder.txt file to find the BSPConnect root folder, add some messages if the folder was not found or AIRPORTS6.BTX was not found to maybe help remote access to catch up with file lists

HOT Load

Make sure we search for EMD's as related documents during HOT Load.

Add buttons to copy all Loadable database tables to or from the Live Server

Modify Working process to not process HOTs where we find a matching filename mask in the table but the billing period is not valid. This avoids the possibility of duplicate data ending up in HOT Load.

Add process to update Ticket History flags for ADM's and ACM's where 2nd and subsequent related documents were not flagged during HOT Load.

At the end of HOT Load call the new process to update ADM and ACM flags.

When deleting a billing period, add an option for user to cancel the removal of teh zipped HOT file from the Inbound folder.


Add logging for process to cleanup PNR codes.

When suspending tickets based on PNR, do not clear the entry from the PNR list when we find a ticket to suspend as we want to make sure we catch all documents for that PNR that might be issued in a different split period.

Set display labels for the Cancelled Flight table to be the same as the equivalent Itinerary Pivot field to make it easier to import data from a Pivot report.

Add creation and modified date/time and user to credit expiry table.

Add field to Pivot report to show if PNR has more than one ticket associated with it possibly there being two one-way tickets effectively making a return ticket.

Add field to Itinerary Pivot report to report straight line proration of Taxes excluding Levies.

Add ticket flag to show that a ticket has been directly refunded by the airline.

Add button in Maintenance to reindex the local copy of Ticket Statistics database.

Allow update processes for Suspended, Refunded by Airline and Exchanged by Airline flags to be done on the local copy of the database.

Add Booking Agent Identifier to Pivot report.

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