Software Version Archive. Release date 10 December 2020


Version 5.04h detail

HOT Load

During HOT Load, process Settlement Plan Adjustments so the issuing airline plate is changed to make it possible to relate them to the original document they were issued against.

Make sure we search for ADM's and ACM's as related documents during HOT Load.


Add process to modify airline plate of Settlement Plan Credits and Debits to make it possible to relate those to original documents in the database.

Fix problem when setting "Exchanged by Airline" using a list of PNR's where the log file showing PNR's not found included all the ones that were found.

Ticket Inquiry

For Ticket Inquiry when we find an ADM or ACM and the number of related documents is only 1, search for the related documents (normally we ignore ADM and ACM related docs for a search on a ticket as there could be many related documents)

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